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File: 4_130350241993_u18chan.jpg - (173.23kb, 864x1152) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Trixies Creep Furrynomous 22/4/2011(Fri)08:00:20 No.982489    [Reply]
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Furrynomous 29/4/2012(Sun)07:32:05 No.1059163
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That Nerd is a Spy!
SweetGirl 29/4/2012(Sun)07:33:55 No.1059164
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No matter what he is, i love him.
kungfupandapornlover 29/4/2012(Sun)02:09:47 No.1059190
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his social situation reminds me of me. I can interact with others directly, though.
Furrynomous 29/5/2015(Fri)01:31:00 No.1367729
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File: jn-TrixieTy_u18chan.jpg - (625.08kb, 950x1353)
Here is a little extra.

File: 01_48_u18chan.png - (968.41kb, 1280x988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hetty Dracono 21/2/2015(Sat)01:53:34 No.1342876    [Reply]
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fat porn
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weight gain
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Thread Tagsmacro (44)fattening (39)duplicate (9)higher res duplicate (2)fattening (1)out of order (1)Show Morefat porn (1)hilarious (1)color (1)macro its not hard (1)macro your shit (1)semi-scat (1)you dont want to see this (1)i regret clicking (1)Show Less
by FAF
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Sex 29/5/2015(Fri)12:43:45 No.1367719
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File: Hetty_4_019_3840_u18chan.jpg - (137.4kb, 1200x675)

Sex 29/5/2015(Fri)12:44:26 No.1367720
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File: Hetty_4_020_3840_u18chan.jpg - (117.8kb, 1200x675)

Sex 29/5/2015(Fri)12:50:11 No.1367721
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That donkey looks fucking insane
>Having a boner on television

This thread seriously needs to clean up the out of order duplicates.

Edited at 29/5/2015(Fri)12:51:01
fluff 29/5/2015(Fri)01:01:40 No.1367723
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Well 4 legged mammals do have big penis especially if they are male, wouldn't be surprised if it sticks up or not getting pleasure feeding and fattening someone. xD

File: 1423972916.nedoiko_wb_h_c01_0001_u18chan.png - (244.72kb, 896x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Double Date by Hoshi Furrynomous 15/2/2015(Sun)04:14:01 No.1341077    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (25)extra (5)dont feed the trolls (1)pegging (1)duplicate (1)Show Less

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Furrynomous 26/5/2015(Tue)07:27:27 No.1366942
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That's a calling card of the skinnyfat build. If you ever find yourself googling 'why is my stomach not flat when I can clearly see my fucking ribs,' then you might be skinnyfat as well.

Furrynomous 26/5/2015(Tue)08:25:45 No.1366954
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Also dogs, horses, and sheep are animals that walk on four legs and don't wear clothes OR have human cocks or titties.

Let fantasies be fantasies.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)07:54:20 No.1367478
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I googled skinnyfat, it does not look nearly as disproportional and mutated as this.


Not when the fantasies look like tumors. We already have a tumor artist, his name is Ritts.
Furrynomous 29/5/2015(Fri)12:24:11 No.1367701
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If the way he draws offends you, then dick off to another thread.

Edited at 29/5/2015(Fri)12:24:33

File: Roomieswebcomic55_u18chan.jpg - (717.83kb, 780x1088) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)04:30:53 No.1367419    [Reply]
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Here's a web comic called "Roomies" by Andrew Dickman
Updates every Wednesday
Follows the story of Andy, Mary, and Swirly as they all live together.
Andy is trying to find this giraffe he dated in HighSchool
Mary's trying to become a model
Swirly is just playing video games.

The story so far is pretty enjoyable, and the artwork is very well done for something that gets updated every week.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)04:39:32 No.1367422
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File: roomies1_u18chan.jpg - (376.53kb, 716x1081)
The first pages are from before he changes his art style
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)04:40:25 No.1367423
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File: Roomies2_u18chan.jpg - (169.08kb, 716x463)

Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)09:46:59 No.1367493
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You do realize he has dropped this story multiple times and restarted. I'll be surprised if he ever exceeds like 20-50 pages.

Did the same thing with a lot of comics. He likes to draw characters but he never really does very well in the story department.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)11:53:03 No.1367692
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He's on page 55 right now

File: kadath_ignorance_is_bliss_cover_textless_by_kadath_u18chan.jpg - (599.9kb, 927x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Kadath's next project... Furrynomous 23/5/2015(Sat)07:51:24 No.1366501    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (1)Show Less
With Puzzle's brother (Patrick?) and his girlfriend.
"Ignorance Is Bliss"
11 post(s) and 2 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)06:30:48 No.1367446
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Shut up, Dennis.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)09:52:09 No.1367494
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It's honestly a little frustrating that K's art bundles are still $5 apiece. Dude's making 2k a month drawing horse titties, he can't *at least* drop the price of his, what, nine books now? That's an assload of dosh.

Edited at 28/5/2015(Thu)09:53:34
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)11:47:09 No.1367689
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Horse Titties?
Oh, you meant in regards to Diamond and Puzzle.
For a second there I thought you meant Kadath went MLP.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)11:51:48 No.1367690
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File: smugsmile_u18chan.png - (742.25kb, 1920x1080)
Oh I know where this is going.
He's going to put his Giraffe Penis inside her and she'll be too distracted/hard to please that she won't notice/will pretend not to notice Patrick's love making
>That is my fetish.

File: bf5bdb8d337adb8f92ebbf19ebc8c7cb_u18chan.png - (1mb, 828x627) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Most Original Comic Ever MetroSexual Hipster 28/5/2015(Thu)12:20:23 No.1367328    [Reply]
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by cyanideskittlez
1 post(s) and 3 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
' Anonymous 28/5/2015(Thu)01:05:50 No.1367349
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I think you mean not original.
Sex 28/5/2015(Thu)06:55:57 No.1367459
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Is that the actual name of the comic?

Also, what's the symbol on his thigh in page 3?
Derp!6lL0HQNZLE 28/5/2015(Thu)01:00:55 No.1367519
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I think it's Japanese for "I had to pointlessly put a kanji on this character, because why the fuck not".
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)10:07:29 No.1367670
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I ran it through a visual translator, it couldn't even detect it...so it might not be Kanji

File: roanoak_fa_000_u18chan.jpg - (355.65kb, 689x891) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Critical Success Adavi123 01/5/2015(Fri)03:23:28 No.1360950    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (6)you dense motherfucker (1)Show Less
A new comic from Roanoak this time starring Avery. The tags say it will have male and female characters so I'm just kinda assuming it will be bi like "Table for Three" was. I guess Avery will be doing a D&D like roleplay with friends. Begins posting next week at 1 page per week and is planned to be 30+

Roanoak's page

Comic Cover

Table for Three

Edited at 01/5/2015(Fri)03:27:58
52 post(s) and 10 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)07:50:13 No.1367476
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Mind explaining the joke to us that don't get it? :(
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)07:27:25 No.1367597
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File: 1370596099038_u18chan.png - (215.23kb, 1275x1650)

In D&D 3rd Edition the grapple mechanic was extremely convoluted and usually had people making up rules or just doing away with it all together.

The flow chart shows what had to be checked each round a grapple occurred.
Chakat Stripedfur!Rl.UUgFpJE 28/5/2015(Thu)09:08:03 No.1367612
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Exactly. I can't tell you how many arguments I got into with GM's over the stupid "Player being Grappled cannot make AoO" or "Player being Grappled suffers a -2 penalty to hit" bullshit. I'm right there, in the guy's arms, and I still get a penalty? What's preventing me from hitting him, his incredibly potent BO? O.o
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)09:47:14 No.1367660
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Him physically binding you?

File: page00_11_u18chan.jpg - (526.73kb, 1024x1448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Week with Peg Furrynomous 14/5/2015(Thu)05:54:46 No.1364291    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (4)Show Less

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'Somewhat seriously asking Anonymous 28/5/2015(Thu)01:08:54 No.1367350
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Why is this still here and not in cub?
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)01:27:54 No.1367369
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Agreed, can someone move it to cub?
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)03:27:34 No.1367406
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That fucking face!

Enough, gotta draw again, no matter if I just got 10 fans.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)09:32:34 No.1367653
Add Tag
Does no one read the rules, its literally the second rule.

"U-18Chan describes cub as fictional furry depictions of babies or toddlers. Basically anyone who has not hit puberty yet. This means teenage characters and older do not qualify as cub."

Besides I'm sure the people in Cub don't want this crap dirtying up there board either.

File: 1432783650.skidd_bbh_promo_u18chan.jpg - (390.37kb, 1048x457) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Breaking Bad Habits Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)05:55:43 No.1367577    [Reply]
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Thread Tagscensored (1)Show Less
So skidd is pulling a kadath... Talk about an appropriate title.

Edited at 28/5/2015(Thu)05:57:45
1 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)06:46:27 No.1367583
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Now let's see if they can pull this off without making "mistress" just look like an abusive bitch.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)06:55:21 No.1367588
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I was going to say this in an OP post of my own, but it looks like I got beaten to the punch.

But, holy shit, I am getting SO sick of all these page(s)-per-month, paywall Patreon comics and pics. I had high hopes for this service when it started and when artists started using it as just another money pit, I could use a shit ton of metaphors to describe how those hopes were destroyed.

It's not like most popufurs were in deep shit financially before Patreon showed up, but if yo

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)07:22:14 No.1367595
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Why even bother posting it?
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)07:31:03 No.1367599
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File: jantran-echs_u18chan.jpg_u18chan.png - (173.26kb, 360x360)

It would be better to cut out the pirating middle man by just posting these damn things themselves like Toki And Ace do, and just offer exclusive services instead of content.

I almost want to see drawn porn banned from being posted on there so these artists couldn't paywall it so much, but still get the funding for it.

Oh wells, least this shit is gunna get posted eventually too, and from the comments, it seems the artist is expecting it. All I can say is, why bother with the

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Edited at 28/5/2015(Thu)07:32:07

File: 1377849592.slypon_ehs_2_u18chan.png - (352.16kb, 1000x1100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Pervy boy gameguy199 01/9/2013(Sun)11:55:56 No.1191682    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (82)lesbian (15)extra (10)wolfartist (9)character (6)tag your shit you wanker (5)Show Moreduplicate (2)tami (2)emily (1)mary (1)not slypons (1)lol wanker (1)meme (1)nacro (1)tag yo macros (1)squirrel (1)Show Less
found this comic on FA.
it's by the artist Slypon


383 post(s) and 211 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 24/5/2015(Sun)06:28:57 No.1366576
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Literally came so hard I vomited
This has never happened before
Furrynomous 24/5/2015(Sun)06:34:18 No.1366577
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So wait you just had a pool of Vomit cum in front of you?
Furrynomous 24/5/2015(Sun)08:27:45 No.1366635
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You sound like someone who has just awakened to a new fetish. I don't know if we should all celebrate or cringe.
Furrynomous 28/5/2015(Thu)01:51:41 No.1367523
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I love that we're all so desperate to see these assholes fuck that someone has literally drawn his own

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