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File: 1427481746472_u18chan.png - (156.94kb, 269x267)
Comic source Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)12:30:14 No.1352253    [Reply]
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I've been trying to find the source of this comic, but since it's cropped, image searching has been pretty useless.
Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)03:43:42 No.1352301
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No Pain no Gain by Powfooo, should be on the site
Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)06:01:00 No.1352325
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https://u18chan.com/gc/topic/1122296 here you go

File: Weekwithpeg_u18chan.jpg - (479.75kb, 1024x1448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 22/3/2015(Sun)09:52:29 No.1350593    [Reply]
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Does anyone have this?
Furrynomous 23/3/2015(Mon)05:07:07 No.1350674
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Anyone got any new info on this ?
Furrynomous 27/3/2015(Fri)06:24:26 No.1352144
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Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)05:16:30 No.1352316
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So it turns out that this is a comic done by the mobiusworld.con site, and that there has also been a page one added to the site.
So anyone got the first page of this epic comic ?

File: Eternal_Winter_Cover_by_blizzardwolf_u18chan.jpg - (179.05kb, 743x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Puritylf4's Art and Comics Furrynomous 18/3/2015(Wed)04:56:24 No.1349384    [Reply]
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Anybody have puritylf4's old art? She deleted her accounts a while back, and some of her art is hard to find.

Specifically I'm also seeing if anyone has the Eternal Winter comic. Pic related is the cover.
1 post(s) and 2 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 20/3/2015(Fri)04:15:47 No.1349976
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I believe her username was just "purity".

Not sure if it was ever on her FA. The comic was on Deviantart in 2006.
Furrynomous 21/3/2015(Sat)06:59:58 No.1350215
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Another thumbnail
Furrynomous 22/3/2015(Sun)05:57:10 No.1350433
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Well then here ya go, all the art that was on her FA, if it is the right person.
Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)03:01:25 No.1352294
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Doesn't look like it was on FA. Is there anything like this for Deviantart?

File: tumblr_nlmpaxF7KG1rgdtyqo1_1280_u18chan.jpg - (404.33kb, 1000x692) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Mr Ploxy Furrynomous 26/3/2015(Thu)09:51:57 No.1351880    [Reply]
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Hello, does anyone have the rest of this? it's from Mrploxy's patreon, http://mrploxy.tumblr.com/post/114337000262/thats-lopunny-and-thats-josh-josh-is
Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)01:07:10 No.1352274
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File: 299e6432479daeeb778ee5d0a5a16dc8_u18chan.jpg - (652.62kb, 1024x1024)
Anyone? Please :c he is going to do a Mawile series

File: D0004a_0_u18chan.jpg - (34.51kb, 600x411) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My Husband by Bomb Furrynomous 09/3/2015(Mon)05:22:15 No.1346881    [Reply]
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Anyone possibly have this one yet?
3 post(s) and 1 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Lopa 22/3/2015(Sun)09:39:25 No.1350591
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Furrynomous 26/3/2015(Thu)06:39:47 No.1351740
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please please
Furrynomous 27/3/2015(Fri)09:32:24 No.1352192
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Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)12:04:28 No.1352242
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File: f8d_u18chan.gif - (3.74mb, 450x253)
Old men huh?

File: artists_u18chan.jpg - (46.4kb, 640x437) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Artist? Gary Morgan 27/3/2015(Fri)09:52:50 No.1352197    [Reply]
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Can someone tell me of the artist who made this artwork? does anyone know?

File: page00_8_u18chan.jpg - (628.85kb, 1024x1447) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Amazon Fever Furrynomous 27/3/2015(Fri)08:20:17 No.1352173    [Reply]
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Anyone have the full comic?

File: 1427445756.garyu_ff115948592d7f1454b21d4b3df81290697cf10554f7b9e8fc6f19d6a77e0175_large_u18chan.jpg - (312.14kb, 800x432) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Recent Garyu Works Furrynomous 27/3/2015(Fri)04:22:40 No.1352123    [Reply]
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Anyone have any of Garyu's most recent works? In particular, I'm looking for two pictures he did of Leonardo and Michelangelo with massive anatomically correct cocks.

Before any Garyu supports (or Garyu himself) step in, no I cannot ask Garyu directly since he seems to have blocked me after I bought his Anubis animation back in 2013. Guess that means I won't be able to buy his newer works.
Mario583 27/3/2015(Fri)08:18:15 No.1352171
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Garyu got banned from here for causing drama.


Still waiting on all of Garyu's flashes.


"To make this short: The trial at e-junkie has expired and I wanted to start at least a month of membership, just to see how sales keep going. However, I have to lodge my credit card at e-junkie for this and I am not doing this online - and never will. So: If you are interested you have to contact me. Bad luck, eh?"

Edited at 28/3/2015(Sat)12:03:04

File: 886324_furryratchet_dsc_0074_0_u18chan.jpg - (154.5kb, 920x517) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furryratchet Art DVD Furrynomous 10/3/2015(Tue)12:29:53 No.1347051    [Reply]
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Last thread got deleted/expired. Couldn't find it again. If the previous thread was removed for a reason other than age/inactivity, just let me know. Anyways, Is there a known DL of this? I'd be incredibly grateful.
3 post(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 13/3/2015(Fri)03:20:10 No.1347870
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It'd be fantastic if you could post it, you'd be making a lot of people happy!
Furrynomous 25/3/2015(Wed)04:03:27 No.1351516
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Love to see this, anyone have it?
Furrynomous 27/3/2015(Fri)03:15:20 No.1352113
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Seems I have problem uploading
Furrynomous 27/3/2015(Fri)07:37:14 No.1352157
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Try using a different file host, like onedrive or mega. The other hosts might not have enough space. Onedrive gives you 15 GB.

File: 1083585_Aaron_as_bonus_pic_u18chan.jpg - (195.47kb, 920x485) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Aaron Image Pack @Adult Supervision@ 16/3/2015(Mon)02:54:08 No.1348962    [Reply]
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Release date is 16th of March.

You know what to do.
22 post(s) and 2 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 27/3/2015(Fri)05:17:07 No.1352133
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If you really want the pack then make a brand new thread for it instead of requesting it in a thread that's not even related to that pack. that bunny boy pack has been posted here often enough already
Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)01:52:12 No.1352282
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File: cubsingym_u18chan.jpg - (331.98kb, 1000x1000)
I found something
Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)02:09:37 No.1352288
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File: aaron_0_u18chan.jpg - (1.21mb, 3000x3000)

Furrynomous 28/3/2015(Sat)02:12:51 No.1352291
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well then

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