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File: Instinct-Cover1_u18chan.jpg - (1002.46kb, 816x1056) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
[Rukis] Instinct Furrynomous 15/4/2015(Wed)07:54:15 No.1357059    [Reply]
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Anyone have this ?
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Furrynomous 21/4/2015(Tue)11:47:43 No.1358586
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I'm almost certain this is a printed book only, sorry to burst any bubbles.
Furrynomous 22/4/2015(Wed)12:48:38 No.1358707
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It is.
Scan ?
Furrynomous 24/4/2015(Fri)01:22:46 No.1359135
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Please guys
Wreks 25/4/2015(Sat)07:28:12 No.1359476
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Nothing ?

File: 45376623_p0_u18chan.png - (336.59kb, 580x820) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This is My Request Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)07:23:58 No.1359474    [Reply]
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Plese Up Load

File: 661d16160405271e21ce33e840222d75_u18chan_u18chan.jpg - (91.16kb, 800x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Artist? eerriikk 25/4/2015(Sat)04:53:59 No.1359451    [Reply]
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Who is this artist?
Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)07:01:58 No.1359471
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It's Bastion / Cabochon.
The picture is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9424065/
and here: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=331000

File: 1429128333.aaron_hector_patreon_u18chan.jpg - (163.43kb, 1280x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Aaron's Patreon Furrynomous 15/4/2015(Wed)08:26:44 No.1357064    [Reply]
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Anyone got Aaron's patreon pictures?

17 post(s) and 4 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 24/4/2015(Fri)02:44:18 No.1359139
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Someone might as well upload these kind of pics on here, it's not like Aaron is going to allow those who simply cannot donate to look at it, he's like the Activision of Anthro Art.
Furrynomous 24/4/2015(Fri)09:56:21 No.1359210
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The one with the wolf would be good to see at
Furrynomous 24/4/2015(Fri)10:07:35 No.1359212
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the star fox? the fox yellow and write? that image is good but it's of may the images :(
Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)03:22:01 No.1359432
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I said WOLF, not fox.

File: 92eb9972430dc9a152dc4a8a1a424d709f10-f_u18chan.jpg - (142.96kb, 531x745) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looking For This Comic Furrynomous 19/4/2015(Sun)12:26:16 No.1357826    [Reply]
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First Time Posting So Im Probably Missing Something. Anyway Someone Have This?
2 post(s) and 6 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 21/4/2015(Tue)05:13:40 No.1358501
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File: 997810_u18chan.jpg - (32.7kb, 417x534)

Furrynomous 21/4/2015(Tue)05:14:03 No.1358502
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Looking For This Comic Furrynomous 22/4/2015(Wed)03:24:09 No.1358622
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This is all fine. Thanks for at least some of it
Looking For This Comic Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)02:35:30 No.1359423
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So any chance for the full thing?

File: 50017546_p1_u18chan.png - (476.22kb, 1100x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)11:02:44 No.1359387    [Reply]
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Anyone out there that has this doujin? Or any of the recent latias and latios doujins for that matter, at least a place where I can check them out in full?
Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)11:06:00 No.1359388
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File: 47541305_p0_u18chan.png - (3.69mb, 2108x3002)
Not sure if its the same one, but I'm also after this as well. As things are now I can't access them, for various reasons.

File: 3b9a8889d097b82e95617ce2718ba115ac9e-f_u18chan.jpg - (1.08mb, 1024x690) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 21/4/2015(Tue)12:49:39 No.1358452    [Reply]
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Will anyone buy this ?
Meanwhile the first part is still unknown
Furrynomous 21/4/2015(Tue)11:40:23 No.1358583
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The first one is huge and almost unscannable unless you take it apart fully, and it was 200 pages long or so

If this new one is anything like it I doubt it'll get scanned either, plus its expensive as fuck
Furrynomous 22/4/2015(Wed)11:07:19 No.1358828
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There's a couple of archives purporting to be scans of FS1 clocking in at 200M and 80M respectively, but they're passworded and hosted on Baidu. I guess Baidu requires shit like Chinese ID numbers and shit before you can get the passwords out of them. Dunno. Don't have the means to crack them.
Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)05:21:15 No.1359350
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its not worth it

i regret buying the first one.

File: 46460181_p0_master1200_u18chan.jpg - (519.13kb, 570x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)04:04:28 No.1359339    [Reply]
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Is any body has this comic?

File: Sigma_Slyus_u18chan_u18chan.jpg - (402.9kb, 805x1150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ok fuck it Furrynomous 25/4/2015(Sat)02:29:48 No.1359329    [Reply]
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Anyone have the most recent MS siterip?

File: translationglitch_u18chan.png - (152.67kb, 1016x724) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Translation request Furrynomous 24/4/2015(Fri)06:23:47 No.1359183    [Reply]
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So i was playing lagoon lounge and i found this text that wasn't translated. i was wondering what it says anyone able to help out?
Furrynomous 24/4/2015(Fri)10:29:59 No.1359218
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How about a link to the game in question?

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